Joy of life! See what’s inspiring us…¬†from fashion and home decor to our favorite¬†libations, recipes and more!


We’re Falling For…

1. Sweater Weather

Cool mornings and chilly evenings call for a new cashmere sweater in an irresistible color like…



2. Coq au Vin

Comfort food for cozy nights!



3. Antlers

We can’t get enough of this classic motif!

Cue placemats, cups & napkins!


4. Mid-Century Lighting

A brass sputnik light is so very cool…especially where it is least expected!



5. Pears

To look at, to smell…perhaps even to eat!



6. Sepia

A warm and rusty brown is the signature

color for fall!



7. SEC Football

Cannot get enough…



8. Tailgating

Hey, wasn’t this on last fall’s list?

You betcha!



9. St. Tropez Sand

The real stuff, of course, but Essie’s version on fingers and toes is gorgeous.



10. Mohair

The best for naps! Light as a feather but oh so toasty!



SUMMER 2015: 10 things we love…

Posted: 06/09/2015

1. Beautiful Bohemian

The Gilt Floral gown by Altuzarra is so dreamy!


2. Gingham

It’s irresistible for summer! So very Brigitte Bardot…best applied sparingly!


3. Lace


It’s appearing everywhere! It’s especially great as a swim cover-up!


4. Rubber Thongs

Yep, good old school flip flops! Old Navy does them in all of our favorite colors…peony, l’orange, citron, turquoise and marine. Plus they are practically giving them away!


5. Uncle Wally’s Cookies

Uncle Wall's Cookies! Yummmm

Ummm….yum! These all-butter crispy cookies come in chocolate chip or…are you sitting down?…Salted Caramel Peanut Butter! They are really thin and would make an amazing ice cream sandwich. Be sure to serve with a big stack of Plat du Jour cocktail napkins to catch all the drips.


6. Gazpacho

Gazpacho - Fresh, crisp and full of flavor, this chunky Gazpacho is the perfect soup to beat the summertime heat.

Icy cold and spicy hot gazpacho is so refreshing on a sweltering summer day. Ina Garten’s recipe is easy to make and, of course, absolutely delicious!


7. Popsicle Toes

Love the pink on tan feet...

Now is the time for bold color…when our feet are tan! Bright fruity color like Essie’s Watermelon or Peach Daiquiri. They are two of our favorites for tootsies!


8. Big Green Leaves

Philodendron and Elephant Ears in the Garden and in the House! The bigger the better. Just looking at them makes us feel cool!


9. The “O List”

We love O Magazine and are over the moon that our Melon Moderne placemat made the list for July 2015!


10. YOU!

We adore our customers, friends and followers and so hope to see you this summer in Atlanta or New York!


Spring 2015

Posted: 02/25/2015


They’re all we saw in Paris!




On shoes, bags, curtains, jackets…you name it!



Especially Dransfield & Ross pink flamingo feather pillow



We’re ‘gilty’…we love gold especially on great organic objects like driftwood or tree stumps!



Simply fabu!



At the St. Regis Hotel in New York City. The Maxfield Parish mural titled, “Old King Cole” presides over the bar and is as stunning now as it was in 1906. Great drinks, great cocktail nuts and great people watching!







We think of them as paper chargers. We especially love our new Box Stripe pattern and hope you do too! It was a big hit at the January Gift Show.



Our new watermelon pattern is bold and fresh with just a touch of black. We can’t wait to use it with black lanterns and fresh summer fare!



Irresistable for grown-ups too!


We are Falling in love with…

Posted: 09/21/2014

We are Falling in love with…


White Birch



Velvet Ribbons



Brass Accessories



Mid-Century Lighting



Set Design of Farenheit 451



Chocolate Cosmos – the flower!



Celine Tote



Jo Malone – Blackberry & Bay






Plat du Jour

Pomme de Rouge Candle in the Kitchen,

Pomme de Pine Candle in the Living Room



White Pumpkins &

Blue Hubbard Squash



Assouline Books –

New coffee table books to curl up with

when the weather turns cool…



Over the Knee Boots



Chanel Jackets



New Leather Gloves



YSL Lipstick



Chic Tailgating



Mocha Nail Polish for Fall



Ordering Firewood!

amusez-vous bien!

Dog Days of Summer

Posted: 08/05/2014

What we are loving about the

‘Dog Days of Summer’


1. The Ham Yard Hotel

in Soho London…lucky Maureen!



2. Moroccan Tea Glasses….summer jewels!



3. Tassels…on jewelry, umbrellas, clothing…



4. Japanese soaking tubs….ahhhhh!



5. Chaing Mai Dragon. So chic!



6. Macrame’ in fashion, home, accessories…

we can’t get enough!!



7. Juicy succulents.



8. Wooden clutches.


9. Foutas…Turkish towels…whatever you

choose to call them, we call them fabulous!



10. Gas Lanterns…love!



11. Grapefruit cocktails…another, please!



12. Greek Blue.



13. Mid-century modern wicker chairs.



14. Feather clutches.



15. Boxwood…in the most unexpected